• Why you need the assistance of an experienced semi truck accident lawyer

    There are many laws for truck drivers in Arizona aimed at keeping both motorists and truck drivers safe on the road. These laws apply to different aspects of truck driving on various routes. Truck drivers are strictly required to follow these laws. If they don’t and they cause a crash, the penalty on them is hefty.

    For instance, in Arizona, ARS 28-709 states that drivers of commercial and large semi-trucks cannot drive faster than 65 miles per hour on highways. But you might have noticed that many truck drivers drive way faster than this so that they can reach their destinations on time. In the case of semi-truck drivers, time is money, and the more time they have, the more money they can make. If you or any of your loved ones have been injured in an accident caused by a negligent semi-truck driver, you need to consult a semi truck accident attorney about legal representation and compensation.

    Consulting a semi truck accident attorney in Arizona will benefit you in the following ways:

    • Your semi truck accident attorney will investigate your case by talking to the police, reading their reports, talking to witnesses and gathering crucial photos

    • Your semi truck accident attorney will work directly with the party at fault to negotiate a fair compensation amount

    • Your semi truck accident attorney will investigate the semi-truck driver, the truck company and the maintenance crew they use. This will ensure that no negligence has occurred during the case to prove that the vehicle played a role in causing the mishap.

    We will ensure that you have your day in court if an out-of-court settlement cannot be reached. We have listed down the most important reasons suggested by experts as to why you need to hire a semi truck accident attorney:

    • You sustained serious injuries during the crash that have made it impossible to work for a minimum of six months

    • Your lack of working wages has made it is impossible to pay the bills, and you have started to fall behind on your bills and due dates because you have to feed your family

    • You are unable to get the trucking company to negotiate with you or cooperate with you in any way and for any amount of money

    • The damages to your vehicle were significant, and the cost of repairs exceeded or will exceed $500

    • The injuries you sustained required extensive medical treatment, emergency medical care, or a stay in the hospital

    Now that you are aware of the legal procedures of semi-truck accident cases, do not hesitate to consult us because we offer a free case review!
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