• When to get legal counsel from an experienced truck accident attorney

    Truck accidents are a huge deal. These heavy weighted vehicles can cause a lot of damage during a collision. We read about accidents in the newspapers and watch the aftermath on the news and never imagine being part of a serious collision. But what if you or a loved one has been involved in the truck accident? What would you do? If you are in need of compensation for medical bills, lost wages and property damage, an experienced truck accident attorney can help you deal with the situation.

    Our team of truck accident lawyers are well experienced in dealing with truck accident cases, and the best part is, we do not charge you any fees until you get compensated for your injuries and other damages. We will evaluate your case for free, whether you are at home, work or the hospital.

    We have a history of handling truck accident cases in all parts of Arizona successfully over the past few years. You need to hire a truck accident lawyer because negotiations with the other driver’s insurance company can get nasty. You probably are not averse with the legal terminology and the law related to truck accidents, especially when commercial trucking companies are involved.

    You need an experienced attorney to win your case. We will provide all the answers to your questions and collect evidence on your behalf. Our team will take this evidence to court if out-of-court negotiations do not pan out. We provide individual attention to every client because our team believes in treating your case as if it is one of our own team members got in an accident.

    Truck accident cases will be negotiated differently if it can be proved that there was a defect caused by the manufacturer of one of the vehicles or the commercial trucking company. Sometimes it is not the driver's mistake but the manufacturer’s fault or improper loading of the cargo that leads to an accident.

    The truck accident lawyers at Samuel P. Moeller help you figure out who is at fault in the accident and who can be held accountable to compensate you for all damages you have suffered. If you need truck accident lawyers, give us a call!
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