• What you must know if you need a trucking accident lawyer

    One out of every eight automobile accidents involves a commercial vehicle such as a truck, tractor or big rig. Usually, the outcomes of truck accidents are fatal since big vehicles are involved. If you or a loved one is involved in a truck accident, a truck accident attorney can help you file a lawsuit.

    Your truck accident attorney can file a lawsuit against the trucking company. The owner is liable to pay the damages, not the driver.

    The parties that can be held responsible in a truck accident are:
    - The truck driver
    - The person who employed the truck driver
    - The person who owns the truck
    - The manufacturer of the truck
    - The person who is leasing the truck

    Role of a truck accident attorney

    A truck accident attorney makes sure that all the standards for truck accident law are met during your case. Immediately after the collision, your attorney starts to calculate the justified amount of compensation. The truck accident attorney then collects the necessary statements of proof which can further strengthen your case.

    During negotiations between the insurance company and the trucking company, both of these companies will refer to their investigating schedule and collect every essential piece of information from your attorney. It is important to know whether the truck accident was due to human negligence or failed vehicle standards.

    The detailed procedure for investigation by these companies usually hangs around the evidence that your truck accident lawyer presents which includes:

    - The official report of the accident
    - The pictures of the accident scene
    - Any video footage of the scene
    - The recorded statements of the witnesses that were present during the accident
    - Medical records

    Causes of truck accidents

    There can be various reasons for the accident occurring in the first place. Some of them are:

    - Defective truck parts.
    - Overloaded trucks
    - Fatigue of driver
    - Driving under the influence of alcohol
    - Inexperienced driver
    - Driving large vehicles on narrow roads


    The pain and trauma that follows an accident is hard to quantify, but there are many bills which can be cleared with a little help. The compensation that your truck accident attorney works on falls under different categories such as:

    - Loss of wages due to the accident
    - Medical expenses
    - Loss of earning capacity for the future period
    - Physical and mental anguish
    - Damages to the vehicle

    Hire a truck accident attorney as soon as possible to receive proper compensation for you and your family.
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