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The Law Offices of Samuel P. Moeller specializes in personal injury claims and represents clients in Arizona who have been affected by an array of injuries including tractor-trailer and truck accidents. Receiving compensation for your tractor trailer accident will help you regain control of the situation and move forward with ease and peace of mind. Samuel P. Moeller is an experienced tractor trailer and truck accident lawyer that is ready to represent you throughout the process of your claim.

When it comes to personal injury due to a tractor-trailer or truck accident, the laws can become complex. The more severe the accident, the more difficult navigating the case will become. From filing your claim to negotiating with insurance companies, to filing lawsuits if necessary, it’s important to hire an experienced lawyer. Having the right attorney on your team will ensure that you fully understand all aspects of your situation and will help you to build the strongest case possible in collecting the maximum compensation benefit for your claim.
Tractor Trailer Accidents

Common Tractor-Trailer Accidents

Tractor trailer accidents are some of the most complex in car accident cases. They are extremely dangerous and typically result in debilitating injuries and even death. Although truck accidents occur less frequently than passenger car accidents, they do happen and can leave serious impacts on quality of life for hundreds of people.

There are laws and regulations in place for these drivers to avoid large-scale accidents, however, incidents do still occur. Here are the common causes of tractor-trailer accidents in Arizona:

- Issues with the brakes
- Traffic flow interruptions and road congestion
- Overloaded cargo
- Driver fatigue due to deadline stress
- Poor maintenance
- Bad road or weather-related conditions
- Driving at high speeds
- Prescription drug use
- Unfamiliarity with the route or road
- Required stops including crosswalks or stop lights
- Inadequate surveillance
- Failure to maintain a truck log

In addition, there are also instances of heart attack or other physical impairment suffered by the truck driver. Sometimes distraction comes into play or the tractor-trailer driver just failed to judge a situation accurately.

tractor trailer incidents

What Makes Accidents With Tractor Trailers So Dangerous?

Tractor trailer accidents are among the most deadly in car accident situations. Due to the congestion of trucks on Arizona’s roads, as well as the immense size of these trucks and the speed the truck is going, these vehicles prove to be highly dangerous to passenger cars.

Here are some of the statistics we found when it comes to tractor-trailer incidents being a danger on the road:

- 50% of truck accidents that occur are due to driver fatigue according to the National Transportation Safety Board
- 20% of truck drivers have said they have fallen asleep while driving
- Over 500,000 of these accidents occur every year — that’s in the US

With such high statistics, it’s clear that these accidents do unfortunately happen and leave their negative impact on all parties involved. At the Law Offices of Samuel P. Moeller, we understand the sensitive nature of these horrible accidents, especially when a death or life-long debilitating injury is sustained. We will represent on your behalf while you’re working through the emotional pain and suffering that a truck accident leaves behind. We give you the peace of mind you need while fighting for justice in your case. If more cases are properly presented and fought in a court of law, we hope that these regulations become even stricter and more accidents will be avoided in the future.

Often times, there are tractor-trailer incidents that can occur as a result of another passenger cars negligence and carelessness on the road. These situations are far more complex and require the help of a professional that will go to the right person for your settlement. The more people involved, the harder the liability is to prove and the length of the trial could go on for a long time. Let a lawyer handle these time-consuming situations for you to ensure all deadlines for truck accident filings are met.

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How Can a Tractor Trailer Accident Attorney Help?

If you or a loved one have been injured in a truck accident, seek the assistance of a truck accident lawyer right away. With so many different parties are involved and laws that apply to the nature of your incident, it’s important to have an experienced attorney that can navigate your case.

Having a tractor-trailer accident attorney to represent you through your truck accident injury claim in Arizona will make a huge difference when it comes to collecting maximum compensation for damages. At the Law Offices of Samuel P. Moeller, we understand the various laws that apply to truck accident claims and can build a strong case while navigating any negotiations or procedural rules.

Insurance companies will try to get you to settle for a far lower amount than what you’re entitled to. Without a lawyer, you may not understand the full extent of damages in which you deserve in relation to a tractor-trailer accident. The insurance companies know this and will use it to their advantage. You may also decide to settle for a lower amount because you don’t understand the negotiation power that you have in a truck accident claim circumstance.

An experienced truck accident lawyer will help you build a case seeking damages for the following:

- Lost wages
- Property damage
- Medical expenses
- Disfigurement
- Pain and suffering
- Emotional trauma
- Physical trauma
- Loss of a loved one due to wrongful death (companionship)

At the Law Offices of Samuel P. Moeller, we devote our time and work toward building a solid case in order to get the maximum amount of money for our clients. Our firm is reputed as an aggressive representative of defense firms, irresponsible parties, and insurance companies.

We work on a contingency fee basis in which you pay zero cost until your case is won. If we are not able to recover compensation in your case, we never collect legal fees. We fight exclusively for you and we take pride in serving clients that are traumatized by accidents and injuries. Contact us today for your free consultation!