• Key liability questions in personal injury cases

    Personal injury cases have a broad scope. Personal injury cases deal with victims who are injured due to car accidents, slipping and falling or any other reason. The person who files the case, or the plaintiff, has suffered any injury because of intentional or unintentional conduct the defendant has displayed. A personal injury lawyer is appointed to present the case on your behalf in court. The personal injury lawyer is appointed to make sure that you get the compensation you deserve without much hassle.

    The key to personal injury cases is proving that the accident happened because of the negligence of the defendant. He or she had full knowledge of the potential harm and no appropriate step was taken to make the area safe. The dangerous situation caused by the defendant can either be on accident or intentionally.

    You and the personal injury attorney have to decide whether your case falls under the broad category of personal injury cases and if you should file a case in court. Make sure you get the compensation you deserve and ask your personal injury attorney a few key liability questions:

    -What are the laws in Arizona dealing with personal injury cases and the law of limitations for filing a case in Arizona? This is the first question you need to ask your personal injury lawyer.

    -How long has the dangerous situation been there? If the situation just happened, then the defendant might not be blamed. On the other hand, if the situation has been there for a long time, then the property owner has to fix it or put up a danger sign there.

    -Check whether there is a recurring and routine inspection done by the property owner or his or her employees. If so, there must be some log maintained by the property owner.

    -For cases involving product liability, check the manufacturing process and visit the website of the manufacturer. You might find that there are other complaints that have been filed.

    -For cases involving workplace accidents, check the policy of the employer to see how they handle the situation on their end. If there are no guidelines in place that specifically deal with your case, ask your personal injury attorney about what you should do.

    -For cases dealing with slipping and falling, who spilled the object and why was there no warning sign?

    -How bad are your injuries and how much will they affect your routine life. Medical bills lost wages, and other expenses can be covered by your insurance policy. A personal injury lawyer will want all your medical bills and previous pay stubs to help determine how much compensation you should get. A personal injury attorney will take your case to court if the amount of compensation can not be agreed upon.
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