• Factors to consider when determining wrongful death damages

    Losing your loved one is almost always devastating. When death is caused due to someone else’s negligence, it's hard to understand and accept. Situations like this often leave you exhausted, overwhelmed and also might leave you confused as to what you should do about filing the lawsuit. An accidental death lawyer in Phoenix knows that laws are applied differently in each case, so it is imperative to understand the different categories of compensation or value of damages that are available.

    Damages for wrongful death can be classified into two broad categories:

    1. According to Phoenix wrongful death lawyers, the first type involves the recovery of all the damages experienced by the deceased due to negligence that caused death till the time of decedent’s death. That could occur hours or even weeks after the accident. An accidental death lawyer in Phoenix will help you to recover medical expenses, the deceased person’s mental and physical pain and suffering, the deceased’s lost wages, and the funeral and burial expenses.

    2. The second broad category of damages explained by an accidental death lawyer in Phoenix involves all the losses experienced by the family members after the deceased’s death. It covers damages that are intended to recover the value of money that would be earned by the deceased if he or she had not died. According to a Phoenix wrongful death lawyer, this category is meant to compensate the family survivors for their financial losses and also the wages that would be earned until the deceased’s retirement.

    The calculation of these damages depends upon the following factors too:

    - The age of the deceased
    - The deceased's earning capacity
    - The deceased’s state of health
    - The deceased’s income at the time of death
    - The age and circumstances of deceased’s dependents
    - Medical bills and other expenses incurred for the deceased
    - The value of other benefits lost
    - Funeral expenses

    To avoid additional pain to surviving family members, it is always better if your wrongful death lawsuit is expertly handled by a Phoenix wrongful death lawyer, specifically one from the Law Offices of Samuel P. Moeller.

    Phoenix wrongful death attorneys cannot remove the pain and suffering of the wrongful death, but they can help you and your family to obtain the compensation you deserve from the party at fault. Wrongful death cases are often complex and involve lengthy legal procedures, so it is vital to seek help from Phoenix wrongful death attorneys.

    The Phoenix wrongful death attorneys at the Law Offices of Samuel P. Moeller are adept at reviewing such cases, determining what type of damages are involved and assess the correct value for the case. Your accidental death lawyer in Phoenix is familiar with damages in such cases, can negotiate the settlement offers and make sure that your case is resolved fairly.
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