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The Law Offices of Samuel P. Moeller specialize in personal injury claims and represent clients in Arizona who have been affected by an array of injuries including bus accidents. Receiving compensation for your bus accident or school bus accident will help you regain control of the situation and move forward with ease and peace of mind. Samuel P. Moeller is an experienced bus accident attorney and school bus accident lawyer that is ready to represent you throughout the process of your claim.

When it comes to personal injury due to a bus accident, the laws can become complex. The more severe the accident, the more difficult to navigate the case will become. From filing your claim to negotiating with insurance companies, to filing lawsuits if necessary, it’s important to hire an experienced lawyer. Having the right attorney on your team will ensure that you fully understand all aspects of your situation and will help you to build the strongest case possible in collecting the maximum compensation benefit for your claim.

It’s important to understand the nature of a bus accident injury in comparison to a standard car accident injury and why having a well-seasoned bus accident attorney by your side is imperative to the success of your case and compensation award.
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Common Causes and Damages in Bus Accidents

While buses and school buses tend to have the lowest accident rates, they do still occur. It’s sometimes difficult to determine who was at fault in a bus accident.

Whether a public, private, school or tour bus, here are the common causes of bus accidents in Arizona:

- Poor weather conditions
- Poor road conditions
- Malfunction of the bus itself
- Error by the driver
- Other drivers on the road
- Fires in the bus
- Negligence by the driver or company that owns the bus
- Improper left-hand turns
- Distractions
- Malfunctioning traffic signals
- Bus driver fatigue

In Arizona, bus drivers must be trained and certified with a specific level of experience and expertise in order to drive a passenger bus on the roadways. They are required to have the knowledge and compliance with all rules that apply to them and must be properly licensed and prepared for emergency situations. There are also maximum driving times that they are allowed to be on the road in relation to the number of hours they are working. This is to avoid common driver fatigue.

Because of the immense size of buses and the number of passengers, this type of incident is typically more severe than a regular passenger car. Injuries can include burns, scars, paralysis, brain injuries, spinal injuries, bone and joint injuries, whiplash, disability, death and more.

Having a professional represent on your behalf when filing a claim and negotiating your settlement will help you to receive the compensation you deserve. Depending on the nature of the accident, damages can include:

- Medical expenses
- Property damage
- Pain and suffering
- Lost wages
- Loss of companionship
- Diminished quality of life
- Counseling expenses & More

bus accidents
No risk, maximum reward!
No fee unless we win your case!
Injured? Vehicle wrecked?
We can come to you!

What to do if you are in a Bus Accident

Whether it’s a school bus, public transit, charter bus, tour bus or van, we have the expertise in dealing with different private companies that own the bus involved. One important item to note is that if a school board, school district, city or county are liable for damages, you must file a claim with the said entity within 180 days.

If you are in a bus accident, it’s important to collect as much evidence as you possibly can at the time of the accident. Take photos of the scene and of your injuries. Seek medical attention right away and collect all of the information you can from the involved drivers and witnesses on the scene. Ask for the officer's names and information as well. The more evidence and information you can collect on the scene of a bus accident, the better your chance of building a strong and successful claim and case. Present your evidence to your bus accident attorney and let them handle the rest.

Your attorney will work with the evidence you gave, as well as complete their own further investigation, speak with witnesses and reconstruct the accident. They will negotiate with insurance companies to seek maximum damages and will also file a lawsuit if a proper settlement cannot be reached.

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Why Claims can be Complex in Bus Accidents

If you’ve been injured in a bus accident in Mesa, the law offices of Samuel P. Moeller will work with you through the legal process to get the compensation you deserve. Depending on the type of bus transportation, it can get confusing to know which company is liable for the accident. We work with passengers involved in bus accidents and also other drivers who may have been involved in a bus related collision.

Proving the liable party is not easy in the case of a bus accident depending on the type of bus and entity that owns it. If on a public transit bus, you will have to file a legal claim with Phoenix municipality which includes many procedures and technicalities for success. A bus accident attorney will know how to properly file the claim without any issues.

There is also the instance of comparative liability in Arizona that assigns a specific percentage to multiple people if more than one party is found to be at fault. Your accident could involve the fault of a public transit company and a private passenger car driver at the same time. It’s important to understand all possibilities of liability and who you are seeking damages from. A lawyer will help to determine the probable liability in the circumstance of your accident.

At the Law Offices of Samuel P. Moeller, we devote our time and work toward building a solid case in order to get the maximum amount of money for our clients. Our firm is reputed as an aggressive representative of defense firms, irresponsible parties, and insurance companies.

We work on a contingency fee basis in which you pay zero cost until your case is won. If we are not able to recover compensation in your case, we never collect legal fees. We fight exclusively for you and we take pride in serving clients that are traumatized by accidents and injuries. Contact us today for your free consultation!