• Guide To Filing A Wrongful Death Claim
    A wrongful death can be caused by a negligent surgeon, seat belt failure, defective products or any other negligent act by a person who held a position of responsibility. The burden of proof remains on the person bringing the lawsuit against the negligent person or company.

    Immediately hiring a wrongful death attorney after the accident helps start the process of recovering monetary compensation as quickly as possible.

    Importance of filing a claim
    It is important to understand the importance of hiring an AZ wrongful death attorney.

    Filing a suit is very essential in regards to making the other person realize the importance of safety hazards. Your act may safeguard other people suffering from the negligence of the person or company in the future.

    Different states have different laws regarding wrongful death claims. Therefore, people who are
  • What To Do Immediately After An Auto Accident
    Day in and day out, the number of car accidents seems to increase. You're always at risk when you are driving, even you are a very careful person. The moment we get onto the road, we risk getting in an accident due to the negligence of someone else. A few things that you should do immediately after you or a loved one gets in an accident are as follows:

    - Check whether you and the people traveling with you have any injuries. If all the injuries suffered are minor, then treat them with the help of a first aid box. But if anyone is severely injured due to the accident, take them to the hospital immediately. Keep track of all the medical bills.

    - Even if nobody is injured in the accident, still park the car or vehicle aside and call an auto accident lawyer. Auto accident attorneys of Arizona are the only people who can save you from
  • Get Compensated By Hiring An Experienced Truck Accident Attorney
    Truck accident law requires trucking companies to keep evidence from any crash, but only for a certain period of time. If you want a good compensation amount, it is necessary to hire a truck accident attorney immediately after the accident.

    Your truck accident attorney is required to send legal papers to the trucking firm. Without filing these legal documents, trucking companies cannot easily get through the matter.

    Causes of the accident
    There can be various reasons why an accident occurred. The semi-truck driver has to follow a set of rules in order to drive a commercial vehicle. If there is any negligence on his part, there can be an accident.

    Some of the reasons are:
    - Driving above the speed limit.
    - Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
    - Being distracted while driving the vehicle.
    - Ignoring traffic signals.
    - Not parking
  • What you must know if you need a trucking accident lawyer
    One out of every eight automobile accidents involves a commercial vehicle such as a truck, tractor or big rig. Usually, the outcomes of truck accidents are fatal since big vehicles are involved. If you or a loved one is involved in a truck accident, a truck accident attorney can help you file a lawsuit.

    Your truck accident attorney can file a lawsuit against the trucking company. The owner is liable to pay the damages, not the driver.

    The parties that can be held responsible in a truck accident are:
    - The truck driver
    - The person who employed the truck driver
    - The person who owns the truck
    - The manufacturer of the truck
    - The person who is leasing the truck

    Role of a truck accident attorney

    A truck accident attorney makes sure that all the standards for truck accident law are met during your case. Immediately after the collision, your attorney
  • How Semi Truck Attorneys Can Maximize Your Compensation
    Many people die every year in accidents involving semi-trucks. Most of the victims of these accidents are people in passenger vehicles. There are many reasons behind the occurrence of semi-truck accidents. Some common causes of these semi-truck accidents are fatigued drivers, improper maintenance of semi-trucks, distracted driving, inexperienced semi-truck drivers and improper loading.

    If you have been in a semi-truck accident and are looking to get compensated for your monetary damages, then consult and hire a semi-truck accident attorney, specifically one from the Law Offices of Samuel P. Moeller, immediately after the accident. Most of the time, these attorneys are the only people who can help you get fully compensated.

    A few other reasons to hire a semi-truck accident attorney are as follows:

    - Semi-truck accident cases should be filed