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How To Find The Right Auto Accident Lawyer

Our warm state of Arizona, the sixth largest in America, is well known throughout the globe for natural wonders such as the Grand Canyon, a diverse cultural life that springs from our Native American community, and a growing economy that's since supported a high pace of commerce, development, and mobility for everyday citizens. More and more people are mobile on the road, with the number of licensed drivers in Arizona alone hitting 4.4 million by 2010.

But as the lives and livelihood of our citizens become ever more dependent on roads, accidents have since been on the rise. According to the 2016 Arizona Crash Facts Summary released by the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT), the state has experienced a total of 126,845 crashes, with 865 fatal crashes and 38,544 injury crashes constituting 0.68% and 30.39% of incidents, respectively. Among other sobering statistics from this same ADOT report are that approximately 2.63 persons are killed in crashes each day (one every 9.11 hours), and 155.06 are injured. Motor vehicle crashes account for economic losses as big as $10.748 billion for our state.

The urgency of the problem has since created a gap for Arizona auto accident lawyers to fill, with particular specializations such as for car accident lawyers, truck accident lawyers, and motorcycle accident lawyers.

Here's a guide to the three major types of auto accidents that can happen in our state, and how to stay calm in your lane with the law on your side, with the right Arizona auto accident lawyer. Whether it's a car accident lawyer, a truck accident lawyer, or a motorcycle accident lawyer you can get the compensation you need to move your life forward.

The Three Major Types of Accidents

Car accidents

Of all total crashes recorded in the state, cars and station wagons form the highest percentage of motor vehicles to have been involved. Figures suggest that 72.41% (178,878 vehicles) were cars, with 726 of these incidents resulting in fatalities. Causes can range from impairment, driving under the influence (DUI), to other forms of rule breaking and safety violations. If you are involved in a car accident and look to make use of legal services, seek out a law office that employs a car accident lawyer on its roster.

Truck accidents

42,302 pickup trucks and vans, and 11,991 trucks and buses comprise 17.12% and 4.85% involved in Arizona's crash incidents, respectively. Incidents with larger vehicles are precarious in that the factors of speed, size, and control could make all the difference. The same kind of collision that would wreak damage if done by a smaller vehicle could kill if done by a cargo truck. For this extremely delicate nuance in a dangerous situation, ask for the specialty services of a truck accident lawyer.

Motorcycle accidents

At 3,179 incidents, or 1.29% of total incidents in Arizona, motorcycle crashes have resulted in as many as 142 fatalities. The speedy and inexpensive form of transportation beloved and now used more often by Arizona citizens has also been at the center of many accidents. Without the space afforded by a truck or car, motorcyclists are afforded a different kind of vulnerability on the road. One skid or one slip can mean the difference between life and death for motorbike accident victims. Someone knowledgeable in the dynamics of motorcycling and road laws, especially about right of way, will help you navigate such precarious territory. If you're involved in a motorcycle accident, it is important to turn to a motorcycle accident lawyer.

Needless to say, in circumstances involving grave damage, injury, or wrongful death, the lawyer you choose can be the difference between a successful and a failed case. Among Arizona auto accident lawyers offering their services, determine which kind will be the most prepared to help you win.
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Getting the Law on Your Side

No two lawyers are alike. But whether the Arizona auto accident lawyer you will call on for help in time of your emergency specializes as a car accident lawyer, a truck accident lawyer, or a motorcycle accident lawyer, there are several non-negotiables as to what their service commitment is, and what they should offer you as a client.

Any practicing Arizona auto accident lawyer that you will partner with as your car accident lawyer, truck accident lawyer, or motorcycle accident lawyer must and absolutely must be well-versed in the local and federal laws of the state of Arizona. Rules and regulations on vehicles, traffic and safety laws, and other things that are unique to the state are the legal backbone of your lawyer's practice. Look for seasoned and trusted professionals in the community who have a good reputation within the state.

Arizona auto accident lawyers should have a concentration in the fields relating to your case, such as personal injury, loss and damage to property, and liaising with insurance companies. Law enforcement, your insurance company, and your legal services provider—a car accident lawyer, truck accident lawyer, or motorcycle accident lawyer—will be key players with you in navigating through the proceedings during and after your accident.

There are services that you should be able to make use of for free from your Arizona auto accident lawyer. A car accident lawyer, truck accident lawyer, or motorcycle accident lawyer should be able to offer you free legal consultation and should not accept payment until the case reaches a settlement, fighting for you to get the best from your insurance and get your life and livelihood back on track without any extra baggage.

Putting Your Case Together

In preparing to go into a settlement of grievances with another party, your legal services provider must be fully armed. The process of winning compensation for your accident will be a complicated and taxing affair, so be sure to secure the following things with your lawyers, insurance providers, law enforcement officials, and anyone else concerned.

Details of your insurance. Before going forward with your Arizona auto accident lawyer, check the scope of your insurance coverage for your vehicle, as well as your medical insurance.

Your account of the accident. Provide the car accident lawyer, truck accident lawyer, or motorcycle accident lawyer that you choose with as much evidence as you can of what happened during the accident. (It will have been good to have taken pertinent photographs of the damage; in the future, consider investing in a dashboard camera, or "dash-cam," that can record incidents.) As detailed, accurate, and objective account as possible is needed on your part, as well as those of medical and insurance professionals and law enforcers.

Important general documentation. Replicate physical and digital copies of your driver's license and vehicle registration details, as well as the police and incident reports. Any pertinent medical records (as they pertain to a condition inflicted by the accident, and not preceding it), bills and receipts of the expenses relating to the accident, such as medical treatment, and insurance documents from your insurance providers should be collected as well.

With these in mind, it's also time to start looking for the "human element" to guide you through all these numbers and technicalities. Understandably, what you will need most is helping hands and people who truly have the heart for justice.
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Qualities to Look For in Your Auto Accident Lawyer

When such a time comes that you have to face the seemingly insurmountable damage or loss of life from a vehicular accident—when all you can remember is being at a loss for words and, as these accidents go, "not knowing what hit you"—you will need not just the right service, but the right lawyer.

Here are some attributes of the Arizona auto accident lawyer that you should have on board with you when you start this fight in court.

Find a lawyer who is knowledgeable

Source a lawyer from a legal office that specializes in your concern. They should know the ins and outs of the issue like the back of their hand, and have experience and a record of success to prove it.

It's ideal that in your free legal consultation, your lawyer does not only give you information about the nuances of different accidents, but also helps you learn about the situation, from different trends in our transportation system to new types of risk we might incur in our ever fast-paced way of life in Arizona. Learning does produce comfort and will be a key takeaway not just in your case, but the future. Make sure that speaking to your lawyer gives you confidence in his or her abilities, and more so in the strength of your liability case.

Find a lawyer who is fair

Hold on to a lawyer whose standard of work you'll believe in because they are both ethical and professional. You'll find their business model is sustainable and a transaction with them does not feel like an even steeper price to pay for the accident you've already suffered.

This is the kind of lawyer who maintains a schedule with you and all other affected parties, such as your insurance company and law enforcement, and keeps their promises. This is the kind of lawyer that will respect you and treat you with the highest sense of priority before you have settled a single penny in your case.

Find a lawyer who is a loyal civil servant

Find out how much your car accident lawyer, truck accident lawyer, or motorcycle accident lawyer are respected by their immediate community. If they have a reputation for resolving conflict, and if they have a good name in the state for upholding local, federal, and national laws, they are a good choice.

Only trust a lawyer whose mindset is to work within the law, and not outside of it or to be conveniently lenient with it no matter what the circumstance is. The law exists to protect—in the case of auto accidents, it is to ensure that precious life and capital can be saved from what is lost, and that more lives can be saved in the long run. There should be no room for shoddy practices or corruption.

Find a lawyer who is compassionate

A lawyer is part of a profession that safeguards human values with concrete measures. One of those primary values should be compassion. Insurance policies and safety and traffic laws are not the only things that a lawyer must understand in order to argue your case with conviction. He or she should understand what exactly has happened to your life because of the accident, and how difficult it will be to pick up the pieces.

The best auto accident lawyer is one who is equipped not only with knowledge and resources at his or her disposal, but integrity and a drive to protect your interests. He or she must truly understand the equation of a fatally totaled car hood, upturned truck, or careened motorcycle to a broken body, a destroyed source of livelihood, and substantial debt—equaling a loss of human spirit. Find a lawyer that you can feel comfortable with as a person, whose value of you as a fellow man, and not only their client, will strengthen your sense of worth.

Find a lawyer who is committed to protecting your interests, and upholding justice for you and the community. Beyond offering no costs upfront and no obligations until you receive a just settlement, find a lawyer whose core advocacies of personal injury, transport law, and the like are seamless to your own interests and those of your community, as well as the state that they proudly represent.

Find a car accident lawyer, truck accident lawyer, or motorcycle accident lawyer in Arizona who, after all is said and done, will remain a partner of yours in restoring justice to the roads of the state, saving more lives, and giving back where it counts.
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